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A-Antennas services & products

Standard antennas

Our antennas are developed for metering and IoT. Our antennas covers all frequency bands in this segment. From narrow band ISM and narrow band LTE antennas to full band LTE antennas. From low gain omni directional antennas to high gain directive antennas. All developed for metering and IoT environment

100% adapted for the purpose

We adapt our products according to customer requirements. If special design is desired we develop custom made antennas in the frequency range 150 MHz to 6 GHz. Our flat organization and collaboration with responsible and motivated experts worldwide enables us to customize, and even develop new solutions, 2-3 months from start to prototype.

Technology 100% adapted for the purpose!

Other products

We also have other antenna and metering related products such as: Cables (RF and data cables), splitters/combiners, RF adaptors and different types of brackets